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The Ultimate Trello Board of Email Prompts so you can make more sales

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  • The perfect framework for writing e-mails that get opened.
  • ​Over 120 super catchy subject lines and topics for wildly captivating emails.
  • ​A drag-and-drop custom email sequence builder
  • ​Never be at a loss for effective follow-up again!

Life is short. So sitting at your desk trying to figure stuff out is just a waste of time and energy. You deserve to have your business thriving...NOW!

I spent years hustling, busting my ass to get to 7-figures. That all changed when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2019.

My world changed.

My body changed.

My priorities changed. And I was dished a huge wake-up call.

I only wanted to spend my time doing what I love...helping my clients create thriving businesses that fund their freedom and give them a life they love.

I created this tool to make it super easy to do effective follow-up and give people the on-going communication and connection needed to move them to a YES.

Without any website, fancy design, or all the stuff most coaches tell you is important, I've helped clients create amazing results AND get their lives back so they can live it fully, with their families, pursuing their passions.

I'm excited for you to experience an easier way to faster results.



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